As a platform with purpose

         The Otherworld Shop is an online space relevant to people of various sectors to upskill  their products,to generate revenue by putting them out to the right crowd by using various tools to help them scale their(your) business or brand operations, preferably bringing about the vision in the most practical sense.

Thus it is an ecommerce platform for your most intrinsic and valuable products.

          We make it easy for you to focus on builidng your product,while we handle your business needs. We help you build a  brand, market your products, provide tools for daily operations and break-even quickly , preferably ethically and with brilliant standards only few in the market can compete with.

We share an idea where you priorly have/had none , for self thinkers ,are few in number and we top the list.

Thus , it is a brand, an ecosystem dedicated for promoting businesses international, local , inter-state/ city or  in the macro,micro, small & medium enterprise segments where we help you step by step , and together we progress, we, along with our peers, professionals and  the contacts we have built through sheer hard work. So take our hand now, for we would like to assist you in areas you may want help with..Since we are now in a position to consult with real-time experience, actual data we are natural professionals.

As a brand:

The Otherworld Shop is a product brand, known by the same name as its platform, that promotes a self sustained yet healthier lifestyle. Whether it is organic makes, designer products or casual treasures of various genres, we sure have something for everyone. 

. Avaliable offline and online, with instore activations on the go on a daily basis, this shop is a personal friend that you may wanna carry a piece of. International or local, we have a quality that during the course of time has proved to us we’d speak to a customer whether in Australia , Amsterdam or Aurangabad in the same language – language of quality and aesthetics, and dedication. So trust us when we say we are truly international in our approaches.

Operational Model

The founders of The Otherworld Shop have always maintained a transparent operational model.

 The ecosystem is dedicated to promote a seamless experience for its customers be it shopping, or selling with us.

The brand guides you throughout the process in every sector be it technological, legal, business upgradation in every single sense of the word.

How we think? 

         The Otherworld Shop is a real brand that also helps in generating ideas. Ideas these days don’t come to all, probably attempted to be even underrated by duplicators:  one of the first Ecommerce Platforms and Nature Friendly businesses started in June 2016 as a side hustle . With a physical office in Bangalore, the brand has researched and worked the fields, conducted various exhibitions to understand customer reviews only to figure there is something about us that seems to reflect in our projects. So whether it is engineering products from scratch, or putting together advertising or advertising solutions, or consulting for a fellow entrepreneur,we seem to manifest our passion by various means – professional skills in the market!

So be damn sure you are dealing with a brand in a much broader sense.

The Otherworld Shop has many readers , followers and versions right from when it was first incorporated, so good is its model ,so massive is its internal success , that this brand has set the bar with its principles giving a sense of purpose and direction to many an artist, business, or entity that want to scale up in more sectors than one.

Disclaimer:However The Otherworld Consultancy, does not promote unethical , sub-standard means of rebranding our services or sells. If we gave you ideas use them well, but with care, for you do not have our green signal. We concern ourselves with ethics and we don’t yet have a big heart enough to grant you permissions for what you may want to reuse from us, but reach out to us and we’d sign necessary documentations in a jiffy.  This helps you in maintaining  ethics . And so shall we !


The brand is quite transparent in its undertakings. We can safely say our brand has been in touch with a lot of people ,  the big fishes, and we maintain irrevocable respect toward our peers, maintaining very healthy relationships, so if there is something we can help you with speak to us. Or if there is something that you’d like to communicate to us, by all means, grab that phone and call us away or write to us . We are only too eager to hear from you ! 


Thanks for staying with us , please go back and shop with us or sell with us !